The importance of our stakeholders' opinion in our Materiality results


In our ongoing series about our Corporate Social Responsibility, we give you a detailed view of the different axes of our report. In this article, we explore our materiality challenges and the importance of our stakeholders' opinion.


As a first major step in our CSR journey and to establish our baseline approach, we undertook a materiality review to identify the priorities critical to our stakeholders and to our business activities.


Our materiality matrix


Our materiality analysis process started with our key stakeholders. We identified six key stakeholder groups as having a high influence on and being highly impacted by Worldline’s actions:


  • Employees;
  • Customers;
  • Suppliers and partners;
  • Financial community and shareholders;
  • Institutional actors;
  • Communities.

Based on our interviews with them, we analyzed their expectations in the context of our business strategy, challenges and best practices in our industry and international standards and regulations. This process allowed us to connect and prioritize the financial and non-financial issues that are most critical to our sustainable business model:


    Building client’s trust with available and secured platforms and reinforcing value for clients through sustainable and
           innovative offers;

    Being a responsible employer by revealing our employees’ potential;

    Endorsing our business ethics within our value chain;

    Leveraging the eco-efficiency of our data centers and offices.


Sébastien Mandron, Worldline's Corporate Social
Responsibility Officer, on the importance of our
stakeholders' opinion in our Materiality results.


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