A busy summer for Worldline in the Nordics

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Article by Kim Hyldig

Nordics Sales Manager

Worldline had a busy summer. We declared our ambition to constantly be, and act, as a strategic consolidator of the European payments industry. We especially focused on the Nordic countries where we are expanding ambitiously. And local media followed our actions with interest.


In June, Worldline participated in Europe’s largest fintech event, Money20/20 Europe. It was the second time the event took place in Europe, and the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, was once again chosen as the venue.


An event like this traditionally brings together all types of fintech players: banks, technology providers, investors, thought leaders as well as some start-ups. Worldline has growth ambitions for the Nordic region, so it was important for us to use this special opportunity to meet with current and potential customers to show our new solutions and bring our comprehensive experience from current markets to new markets.


It was a busy week, and on top of all the customer related activities, Worldline was also active in the media. Especially local media were interested in Worldline’s strategy for the Nordic countries.


There was, and still is, a clear interest from the media to learn more about the world of payments and how companies from outside the Nordics look at the future of payments and how this will affect the Nordics. The Nordics is a highly interesting market for Worldline as these countries have invested heavily, for many years, in digitizing their infrastructure and hence creating secured and efficient ways to both pay and communicate across platforms and between public authorities, corporations and citizens.


Many of the solutions behind this digital development, however, were based on legacy systems which can be difficult and costly to keep updated and to open up to new technological solutions. This is where I see Worldline contributing with our new digital solutions to support their technological development.


An example is Worldline’s plan to enter the tender process for the next generation of MitID, Denmark’ own eID scheme. This also caught some attention in the media during Money20/20. The tender is expected to be ready later this year, and I know that some of Worldline’s existing eID solutions together with the new developments in our pipeline could be very relevant for this tender.


David Birch and Worldline


David Birch - one of the top fintech thought leaders - visited Worldline at the Money20/20 event where he presented his highly recommendable new book, ‘Before Babylon, beyond bitcoin’. I had an interesting discussion with him about AI (Artificial Intelligence) which was mentioned by Banking Technology in its daily brief for the conference. You can find the article here (under ‘The Worldline view’).


We were very fortunate that David Birch agreed to make a special print of his book for our customers and friends. We still have a limited amount of books left, and you can get a free copy by contacting Louise Andersson (note that they will be distributed on a ‘first come first serve’ basis).


Worldline news and announcements this summer


We made several media announcements following Money20/20. One of the announcements was our new agreement with Apigee Edge Software. This cooperation will make it easier for Worldline’s customers to take advantage of the possibilities of Open Banking set out in the PSD2.


Another announcement was our new partnership with Trinity Purchasing regarding an end-to-end acceptance and e-commerce solution across 16 countries. This solution will enable all hotels that are members of Trinity Purchasing to allow their guests to pay in their own currency when they are abroad, regardless of the country in which they are staying.


We also announced our new partnership with the market leader for consumer remittances in Western Europe, AcceptEasy, regarding their new smart e-billing solution. With this innovative solution, customers will be able to receive invoices on their phone, tablet or PC via text message or email. No registering or login will be required as bank details will already be pre-filled.


Finally, and perhaps the most tangible news regarding our ambitions in the Nordics were the announcements about the planned acquisitions of First Data Baltics and Digital River World Payments in Sweden. We look forward to welcoming our new colleagues from the Nordics and the Baltics and to increasing our foothold in these two regions. With the experienced teams from these two companies on board, we will be in a great position to deliver the next generation of payment services for the digital commerce era.


You can follow all our news stories here.


Yes, it was indeed a very busy summer and, fortunately, the autumn looks to be even busier.



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