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The retail industry is undergoing a revolution triggered by the increased importance of the digital era. To succeed, traditional retailers will need to have a clear, well executed strategy and an ability to react swiftly to changing market conditions or regulations.


Consumer shopping habits have changed. The rise of the Internet, mobile technologies and the power and use of social networks has dramatically changed the way consumers shop. 

Mobile devices are now being far more commonly used by consumers in all the different steps of the process and we expect the use of these mobile devices to only increase.

E-commerce’s share of retailers’ total revenue is continuing to increase and consumers are now expecting to be able to interface with retailers through multiple channels. Consumers also  have more and more options as to where and how to purchase a certain product, and they also have much more easy access to product information and reviews. Retailers will therefore need to focus much more on having a clear, well-defined digital strategy.

Retailers will also need to intensify their focus on customer services, omni-channel services, customer interaction and personalization. Brand differentiation and improved customer experience will be key factors in maintaining customer loyalty and increasing market share.


In this “always-on” world, where competition is just one click away, attracting and keeping customers is crucial to survival. Technologies is a key enabler to reinvent the business by enhancing the shopping experience and gaining information and intimacy with the customers.


Retailers have to leverage customer engagement by providing new shopping experience.


Worldline offers solutions that enable you to:


  • Know how your customers interact with your brand.
  • Find out what would benefit your customers in regard to the way they shop.
  • Leverage this information to provide a new, seamless, personalized shopping experience before sale, at the point of sale and after sale.
  • Our commitment is to match this new buying behavior with rich channel experiences and provide a brand new seamless shopping experience by reinventing consumer interactions, with payment as the “single point of truth”.


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