a pan-European leader

equensWorldline offers the most comprehensive European payments services portfolio, with unrivalled geographical scope.



The creation of equensWorldline is a huge step in consolidating the european payments market. It maximizes economies of scale and integrates the market, customers have a terrific array of cutting-edge services at their disposal, time-to-market is improved, innovation is boosted... It’s a great move
CEO equensWorldline



Covering the full payments value chain

equensWorldline provides the market’s most extensive services portfolio in both card-based and alternative payments and offers accelerated cross-border availability of services.

Developing innovative services

An R&D leader, equensWorldline accelerates its customers’ time-to-market and digital transformation. It leads in ACH capability, instant payment initiatives and m-payment solutions for banks.

A robust operating model

equensWorldine is unmatched in the reliability, robustness and security of its services and the power of its processing capacities.

An extended footprint

equensWorldine’s broad geographical reach brings accelerated ability to cross-sell value-added services in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands and opens up growth opportunities in the Nordic countries.

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