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By continually responding to customer feedback and industry trends, Worldline delivers payment terminals and accessories that meet the needs of a wide range of clients – shop-based and mobile retailers, attended and unattended petrol stations, financial institutions, integrators, etc.


We also provide hardware security modules to acquirers, processors and industry partners. Worldline deals both with international distributors and directly with merchants, and offers support options that include installation, deployment and custom development.




All the terminals in our extensive range use the same customized ‘system-on-a-chip’ architecture to deliver fast, secure transactions. Costly service call-outs are minimized by secure download options for software updates and security keys.


The outstanding quality of Worldline’s terminals is backed up thorough our laboratory testing and ISO 9001:2008 certification, which is why our terminals are renowned for their long and trouble-free working life.


The hardware security module or HSM is the heart of any secure data transaction system for generating PIN’s, processing transactions, digital signatures, data protection, etc. Our hardware cryptographic accelerators offer the best performances in terms of speed and security and are compliant with all the major international standards.



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Product lines






Colourful innovation for the retail industry

The YOMANI countertop terminal, with its full-colour display, is optimized for fast-moving, multi-lane retail environments. USB, Ethernet and serial connectivity are standard, with other communications interfaces available. Accessories include a fast thermal printer. The sleek good looks and ergonomic design of the YOMANI won the Red Dot design award in 2010.



YOMANI touch




Complete retail solution at your fingertips

The YOMANI touch sets new standards for user experience. Its full-colour touch screen and contactless reader bring new opportunities for customer interaction.







Innovation on the move

Designed for mobile users and ready for both cards and contactless devices, the YOXIMO is available in Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G configurations. Its TFT colour display makes it ideal for on-the-road transactions, in-store promotions and hospitality applications.







Streamlined performance

The compact, flexible YOMOVA is designed for shops and restaurants. Ready for magstripe cards, chip cards and contactless devices, the YOMOVA handles Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G configurations. Its large TFT colour touch screen is ideal for displaying publicity and other information when not in use for payment transactions.





The next generation

VALINA is the first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal for PIN-secured transactions! EVA compliant measurements mean it fits kiosks, vending machines, parking machines and similar applications.





Integrated innovation

This advanced terminal is designed for unattended transactions where a PIN is required. Ideal for ticketing machines, petrol stations, kiosks and self-service check outs, the terminal has a user-centred architecture that meets the needs of cardholders, integrators and installation technicians.







Contactless vandal-proof innovation

This vandal-proof, contactless payment terminal is ideal for indoor and outdoor unattended environments. Its compact design integrates easily and flexibly into vending machines. The YONEO is equipped with a TFT colour display, as well as on-board Ethernet and serial interfaces.







Card payment without PIN

XENOA is a vandal-proof terminal for secure low-value payments where no PIN is required. It is ideal for unattended applications such as ticket machines, parking meters and vending machines, both indoors and outdoors. XENOA accepts chip-cards and magstripe cards, and has on-board Ethernet and serial interfaces.







The terminal for low-value payments without PIN

Designed for applications such as drinks machines and snack vending machines. Perfectly designed for its job, XENTIM is a robust all-weather terminal that supports simple customer interaction and feedback.







Innovation managed, integrated and scalable

Easy to integrate with existing systems such as CRM, accounting and billing, XENTURION has been specially designed to enable remote management of POS terminals through an intuitive web-based user interface. It can handle up to 500,000 terminals and 400 simultaneous connections through a single communication server and uses a one-click mechanism to assign terminals for batch updates.






Groundbreaking hardware security module

ADYTON™ uses advanced cryptographic accelerators for outstanding speed and security in PIN-generation, transaction processing, digital signature and data protection. All critical operations are protected by a dual factor authentication using who you are (fingerprint), what you have (chip-card) and what you know (password). This award-winning encryption device combines a small, user-friendly innovative design with intuitive usability through wizards. The optional lockable rack allows secure installation in IT cabinets. It also gives extra connectivity and power supply options.



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